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International St. Patrick’s DayInternational St. Patrick’s Day

      16th March 2012 in the Eve of international St. Patrick’s Day - patron of Ireland, in our school we celebrated the reactivated annual celebrations of the Saint with the help of class 3a and Mrs. Malgorzata Ciz ...      MORE
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Patron’s dayPatron’s  day

"Here you have everything.
I was like a rustle of linden,
Krzysztof was my name,
And my body - it was so little."

      On 23 January 2012 we celebrated Krzysztof Baczyński 91st birth anniversary ...      MORE
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All-Polish Olymiad On European IntegrationAll-Polish Olymiad On European Integration

      This competition on European integration also took place in our school gathering
25 students. Adrian Włoch from 3a class came first and will represent the school
in the further regional level of the Olympiad.
His teacher, Beata Damaszko, will help him to prepare for the competition ...      MORE

Christmas at SchoolChristmas at School

      On the last day before Christmas holiday, the 22nd December 2011, the students of our school gathered in their classrooms singing carols together with their tutors and teachers ...      MORE
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English Language School Competition

      The competition took place in our school on the 14th December 2011 gathering 35 competitors from all four forms. A 45 minute test was meant to give the students a chance to check their competence in the English language and to enhance their motivation to learn ...      MORE

Patriotic Song ContestPatriotic Song Contest

      A few days before Poland’s Independence Day (11 November) we celebrated this national holiday at school on Wednesday, 9 November, with a patriotic song contest ...      MORE
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Pilgrimage to Jasna GóraPilgrimage to Jasna Góra

      On 17 October 2011 the student of the final classes went on a pilgrimage to Jasna Góra
In Czestochowa. Jasna Góra is the name of the hill with a famous church on it. In the church there is a miraculous picture of the Virgin Mary worshipped all over Poland ...      MORE
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2nd International Simulated Companies Fair2nd International Simulated Companies Fair

      The fair was held in Zespół Szkół Ponadgimnazjalnych in Stalowa Wola, Poland.
Four countries put up their representatives ...      MORE
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A contest for a student’s book in Faculty of Law and Administration at Gdańsk UniversityA contest at Gdansk University

      On April 26 a student of our school, Mateusz Wróbel, (class 3b), competed
in the second stage of the 5th edition of the Contest meant for students of the third and fourth class of secondary education ...      MORE
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A new faculty in our school !!!

      Are you sensitive to nature? If you want to design gardens and green areas thus having influence
on the surroundings, you should start learning at the faculty of technician architect of landscape gardening.
      After a four-year study period one will be professionally prepared to create gardens, parks and cultivate plants next to public buildings. They will also be able to do the accounts and know the rules of marketing.
Vocational training will be held in two local companies: Arboretum Bolestraszyce and Przedsiębiorstwo Gospodarki Komunalnej.

The march "Life and Hope"The march "Life and Hope"

      On 15 October young people from our school with their teachers took part in the sixth march "Life and Hope" organized by the association of the women's movement Europa Donna to fight against breast cancer ...      MORE
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Interschool Athletic LeagueInterschool Athletic League

      On 7 October 2010, at the stadium in Przemysl MKS Juwenia there was an Interschool Athletic League ...      MORE
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Class 2 c on a trip in Dybawka Class 2c on a trip in Dybawka

      Class 2c went on this nice trip in September at the beginning of this school year ...      MORE
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St. Patrick’s Day, the patron saint of Ireland St. Patrick’s Day

      On 26 March this year St. Patrick’s Day, the patron saint of Ireland, was held.
This day was full of attractions for young people ...      MORE
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Young Enterprise International Examination Young Enterprise International Examination

      For the second time our school was the examination centre of the Young Enterprise International Examination organized by University of Cambridge and Junior Achievement Worldwide.
      Nine students from classes III a and III b, who have earlier run a company, participated in the examination this year ...      MORE
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Sleigh ride of class 1a Sleigh ride of class 1a

      In view of the beautiful winter aura on February 12, 2010 class 1a decided to inaugurate the beginning of winter holiday by organizing sleigh ride. Along with class master Mrs Małgorzta Ciż
and Mr Conrad Ryznar (the PE teacher) we went on a winter sleigh ride.
      Scenic areas of Dybawka favored amusements in the snow ...      MORE
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District Licealiada in individual swimming boys and girls District Licealiada in individual swimming

      On 28 January this year. district Licealiada was held in individual swimming
girls and boys. Our school was represented by:
      - for a distance of 50m backstroke: Siwak Justyna (class 1d) 3rd place
      - for a distance of 50m freestyle: Szczepanik Joanna (class 1b) 3rd place
                                                       Szczęsny Sebastian (class 2a) 4th place

School Patron's Day School Patron's Day 2010

      On 22 January 2010 we commemorated Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński, our school's patron, in a celebration at the gym. Students sang songs and recited ...      MORE
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      Christmas is the one of the biggest celebrations in Catholic Church. This is the day when the world rejoices at the birth of the Saviour - Jesus Christ.
The Holy Child's birth began a new era in the human history - the one based on the love of another human. Therefore, Christmas is then when there is more goodness, love, forgiveness and respect for other people ...      MORE
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„Our community, our town, our country” “Our community, our town, our country”

      Such title has been given to a project proposed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy within the framework of an Operational Programme - Civil Initiatives Fund (FIO), which has been undertaken and partly financed by the Holy Trinity Parish in Przemyśl. It is directed mainly to secondary school youth, and its purpose is to develop social awareness and social activity among young people ...      MORE
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