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Class 2 c on a trip in Dybawka

      Class 2 c went on this nice trip in September at the beginning of this school year. It was going to be warm
that day but the 9 o'clock - the hour of set off - was really cold, so after reaching the destination, a calm inn called 'Gościniec w Dybawce', we sat by the tables to drink hot aromatic Lipton tea - I recommend it! We sang patriotic and other songs with the guitar accompaniment of vicar Tomasz Dziob.

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      After warming up, we went outdoors. It was very warm outside. We lit the fire to roast sausages. We sang songs, played badminton and basked in the sun. We could talk and get to know each other better.

      We are looking forward to the next meeting of this type!

Text adapted and translated from the text of Agata Kowalska and Andżelika Maj (class 2c students): Anna Urban
Photos: Justyna Bury, Izabela Sykała

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