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St. Patrick's Day, the patron saint of Ireland

      On 26 March this year St. Patrick's Day, the patron saint of Ireland, was held.
      This day was full of attractions for young people. First of all, a contest consisting of two independent parts
was held. The first part was devoted to a 5-minute presentation of multimedia material on St. Patrick and Ireland. Three doubles teams from classes 2d, 3a and 4a attended. The first prize was awarded to Ewelina Lipiec
and Krzysztof Brzezowski - the representatives from class 3a. Congratulations!

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      The second part of the contest was to solve a quiz on the same subject in a group of two people.
Students had to perform 5 tasks. This section was attended by three teams from classes 2a, 3b and 4a.
The first place was taken by Joanna Szamraj and Joanna Rachalska - class 3b. Congratulations!

      In addition, class 1a prepared a mini 'green' grocery store in the school's hall. Magda Wasyłeczko, Bernadka Kruszyńska, Diana Klaczkowska - brave vendors, as well as many class helpers, tried all the tricks to make customers satisfied.
      Thank you for your commitment!

Text: Małgorzata Ciż
Photos: Mariola Świrk

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