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International St. Patrick's Day

      16th March 2012 in the Eve of international St. Patrick's Day - patron of Ireland, in our school we celebrated
the reactivated annual celebrations of the Saint with the help of class 3a and Mrs. Malgorzata Ciz.
The "Green Day" was inaugurated by opening a small shop with products in a green colour. The shop was proudly run by: Bernadetta Kruszyńska, Magdalena Wasyłeczko, Iwona Grendus, Diana Klaczkowska, Justyna Turczak.

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      Students and teachers, decorated with green three-leaf clovers, had a great chance to try delicious cakes made by 3a class students. There were also juice, fruits and jellies all in green of course. There was also
the Leprechaun who was gamboling through the corridor and who was pinching everyone who didn't have anything in green. During the break time you could hear the Irish music which encouraged teens to dance and to take part
in completions.

      One of the first competition was "The Quiz on Knowledge" on Ireland and St. Patrick's himself.
The results are as follows:

      The following attraction of the day was the completion on "The most Green Clothes" which turned out
to be hilarious and brought a lot of fun. Selection board with Mrs. Halina Kochmańska, Mrs. Małgorzata Ciż
and Marcin Hamryszczak from class 3a after counting the clothes gave the verdict: 1st prize - Magdalena Wojtowicz (class 3b) having 36 pieces of green clothing on herself 2nd prize - Róża Kinasz (class 4b), 3rd prize- Mateusz Gawron (class 2b).

      The third competition was devoted to interpretation of the slogan "Everyone wants to be Irish".
Once again students proved to be really creative and sensitive artists presenting their works. After analysis
and discussion the selection board with Mrs. Joanna Gierlach, Mrs. Małgorzata Ciż and Dawid Dratwa (class 3a student) announced the verdict:

      I would like to thank you to all the participants for such a numerous participation and class 3a for all
the preparation to make things work.

      See you next year!!!

Text: Małgorzata Ciż
Photos: Jakub Zych, Angelika Szpek

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