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Young Enterprise International Examination - 2.III.2010

      For the second time our school was the examination centre of the Young Enterprise International Examination organized by University of Cambridge and Junior Achievement Worldwide.

      Nine students from classes III a and III b, who have earlier run a company, participated in the examination this year. It was also our pleasure to welcome students and their teacher from a secondary school in Łańcut
who have also decided to take the challenge.

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      The examination consisted of two integral parts: a case study and examination questions.

The papers are sent to the main examination centre in the UK and are marked according to the following objectives:
1. Application of business ideas and what students have learned through participation in their company compared
    to the case study company;
2. Analysis of business situations using knowledge and experience gained from participation in a company;
3. Knowledge and understanding in relation to business ideas gained through participation in their Young Enterprise

Those students who will pass the examination will be awarded a certificate issued by University of Cambridge.
It should be reminded that ALL students from our school who have participated in the examination so far have been awarded the certificates!!!

      Keep your fingers crossed for your friends who will surely also get the certificates!!!

Adapted from the text by Edyta Gościak: Joanna Gierlach
Photos: Edyta Gościak

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