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Patriotic Song Contest - 9.XI.2011

      A few days before Poland’s Independence Day ( 11 November ) we celebrated this national holiday at school on Wednesday, 9 November, with a patriotic song contest. Each class had chosen a song and sang it in front
of the public, in our school gym, often accompanied by different musical instruments and theatrical performances.

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      Afterwards, they were evaluated by the jury consisting of the head master Adam Winiarski,
Ms Urszula Klamut, Ms Renata Vu Thanh, and the student representatives of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th forms. We could hear solemn, old songs, as well as more modern, hip hop performances. We could observe emerging musical talents. This was an outstanding and thrilling show of singing and acting stars with the following results:

      Congratulations to the winners and all competitors !

      We are looking forward to a similar event in the next school year.

Original text by Judyta Dorociak, the student.
Translation: Anna Urban, the teacher.
Photos by Patrycja Drapała, Katarzyna Iwachów, the students.

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