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English Language School Competition

      The competition took place in our school on the 14th December 2011 gathering 35 competitors from all four forms. A 45 minute test was meant to give the students a chance to check their competence in the English language and to enhance their motivation to learn. The competition was held in two levels: the higher for the 3rd and 4th classes and the lower for the 1st and 2nd forms. The exercises checked mainly the knowledge of grammar and vocabulary in context, as, I believe, these are the basis of good knowledge of a language either in speech or in writing.

Among the first classes the winners are:

The only 3rd class competitor was:

The first 3 places among second class students are:

The fourth class winners are:

      Congratulations to the winners and to all competitors! Interesting awards were handed over on the 22nd December 2011, for which I would like to thank the school Head Master.

Anna Urban, the organizer of the competition and the author of the above text.

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