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A contest for a student's book in Faculty of Law and Administration
at Gdańsk University - 26.IV.2011


      On April 26 a student of our school, Mateusz Wróbel, (class 3b), competed in the second stage of the 5th edition of the Contest meant for students of the third and fourth class of secondary education.

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      In the second stage Mateusz was supposed to do a multiple choice test based upon specified legal literature. The first stage involved writing a thesis on the theme 'Great Codifications of Civil Law in the 19th and 20th centuries'.

      There are 2 prizes to win: a student's book of the Faculty of Law and a student's book of the Faculty
of Administration, both allowing to enter Gdańsk University without having to pass the entrance exam.

                                                            Good luck Mateusz!

Translation: Anna Urban, teacher
Original text: Beata Damaszka, teacher
Photos: Tamara Turczyńska, teacher

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