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Sleigh ride of class 1a

      In view of the beautiful winter aura on February 12, 2010 class 1a decided to inaugurate the beginning
of winter holiday by organizing sleigh ride. Along with class master Mrs Małgorzta Ciż and Mr Conrad Ryznar
(the PE teacher) we went on a winter sleigh ride.

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      Scenic areas of Dybawka favored amusements in the snow. Regular battles with snowballs between
boys and girls and between teachers and students were held. Not without support from the boys, who own efforts helped the driver of the tractor to climb the surrounding hills, was the sleigh ride continued.

      After an hour ride we all met at a common fire, where we roasted sausages and. intensively dried dressing surface :) After the joint fire the teenagers warmed themselves up with hot tea prepared in thermoses by the aunt of Ewelina Stadnik oraz Karolina Leszczuch.

      Thank you to all participants and I hope to meet again with the broader body because such forms of spending time outdoors foster the integration of students as a community class.

Text, photos: Class master: Małgorzata Ciż

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