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Zespół Szkół Ekonomicznych im.K.K. Baczyńskiego w Przemyślu
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Partnership with Lvov

      The Higher School of Gastronomy and Tourism in Lvov was established in 1954. It employs 32 lecturers and 70 teachers of vocational subjects.

      It educates young people who want to obtain qualifications for the following professions: cook, confectioner, waiter, shop assistant, food technologist, travel agent or trader. The school also includes a hotel,
a restaurant, conference rooms, computer room and a management simulation centre based around a virtual company. These facilities are run by the students of the school.

      It is the leading establishment in preparation for economic, commercial and service professions and is therefore the most suitable school to establish an effective cooperation with.

History of cooperation

October 2003 - teachers from both schools take part in a conference organized by Teacher's Professional Advancement Centre in Przemyśl titled "Educational Systems in Poland and Ukraine with particular consideration of vocational education".

December 2003 - teachers from our school in Przemyśl pay a visit to the school in Lvov - discussions on cooperation of schools, students exchange, joint projects and ventures, teaching database of the partner school, methods of education and practical training.

13-15 May 2004 - a visit of Ukrainian delegation in Przemyśl -"Declaration of Cooperation" is signed.

Text: Zenona Koziak

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