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The march "Life and Hope" - 15.X.2010

      On 15 October young people from our school with their teachers took part in the sixth march "Life and Hope" organized by the association of the women's movement Europa Donna to fight against breast cancer.

The event included:
      - a concert of Scout Brass Band of Żurawica (which includes Students of our schoo)l:
        Martyna Mazur, class 3a, Paulina Pomykalska, class 3a, Justyna Fac, class 4a,
      - speeches of invited guests as well as Ms Jadwiga Duda, the President of Europa Donna,
      - a march along the streets of the Old Town,
      - a meeting in the Town Hall.

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      This type of event is aimed at raising awareness among women that breast cancer is possible to fight, especially if caught early thanks to regular medical examination!

Remember, early prevention will help you enjoy good health for a long time!

Text, photos: Magdalena Wiglusz
Translated by Łukasz Oleksiuk, class 4a

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