Zespół Szkół Ekonomicznych
Zespół Szkół Ekonomicznych im.K.K. Baczyńskiego w Przemyślu
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"Our community, our town, our country" - 12.XII.2009

      Such title has been given to a project proposed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy within
the framework of an Operational Programme - Civil Initiatives Fund (FIO), which has been undertaken and partly financed by the Holy Trinity Parish in Przemyśl. It is directed mainly to secondary school youth, and its purpose
is to develop social awareness and social activity among young people, to restore trust in public institutions
and to encourage voluntary work and social solidarity.

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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      The President of Przemyśl is the founder of the project. The programme is realized by civic education with the participation of theoreticians and experts of the public, scientific and non-governmental organization spheres.
The lecturers are highly-qualified experts in historical studies, media studies, media pedagogy, psychology, sociology, Polish contemporary society and social ethics.

      Students of our school from classes 1a and 1b take part in the project. They attend lectures, go to field trips, visit museums and sacral buildings, discuss with the lecturers, politicians, veterans and watch films.
We trust that the workshops will be an interesting experience for the young people and encouragement to a greater social involvement in the future.

Adapted from the text by Jan Mazurek: Joanna Gierlach
Photos: ks. Jan Mazurek

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