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Zespół Szkół Ekonomicznych im.K.K. Baczyńskiego w Przemyślu
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"Cycling with English" "Cycling with English"

      This project was initiated by two English language teachers, Anna Urban and Joanna Gierlach, who are also keen on cycling. They want to promote a healthy lifestyle
through physical activity and encourage practising English in real life situations.
      There were 7 teenage girls from classes 2a and 2e taking part in the project
and in the bike ride to Krasiczyn Castle on 8 June, 2009...      MORE
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A visit of Canadian students A visit of Canadian students

      On Friday 2 people from Canada visited our school.
They told us a few facts about what it is like to live in Canada. It is amazing but before that day I didn't know that Canada was so beautiful...      MORE

Annual School Walk Annual School Walk

      This annual event has already become our school's tradition and attracts more and more students. This year it took place on 6 May 2009.
We got off from Biskupa Glazera Street and headed towards Letownia Fort...      MORE
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Patron's Day Patron's Day

      Our school is named after Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński that is why on 30th January 2009
we celebrated his day. The school has been under patronage of K.K. Baczynski since 1977 and the aim of that special day was to introduce our school students the life and work of one of the most famous and eminent representative of 'Columbus' generation...      MORE
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Prom 2009 - "Studniowka" Prom 2009 - "Studniowka"

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Class 2c on the ice rink Class 2c on the ice rink

      On the 10th of January 2009 at 9.00 during its obligatory classes, class 2c went
to the ice rink...      MORE
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Mock School-Leaving Examination Mock School-Leaving Examination

      Mock school-leaving examination on Polish and foreign languages as well as minor subjects took place on 5th, 6th and 7th January 2009.
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Foreign Carols and Christmas Songs Competition Foreign Carols and Christmas Songs Competition

      Just before Christmas, on 19 December 2008, in our school there was a competition
in which students sang carols and Christmas songs in foreign languages...      MORE
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VI Edition of Tournament "Young Blood Saves Our Lives" "Young Blood Saves Our Lives"

      14, 85 litres of blood were donated by students and teachers of our school on Thursday 20th November 2008. It was the first time that Ekonomik has taken part in this all-Polish action...      MORE
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The Centre of Information and Career Planning Workshops The Centre of Information and Career Planning Workshops

      On 19th November, teenagers from class IV b under the supervision of Beata Damaszko - vocational subjects teacher - attended workshops titled: ‘Active methods in job finding’.

Przemysl Second Industry and Tourism Knowledge Competition Przemysl Second Industry and Tourism Knowledge Competition

      We have our winners!!!
On 27th October 2008 at the School of Law and Public Administration, the regional stage of the competition took place.
Piotr Boguslawski (IV TA) found himself in the circle of winners. He won a cup and a prize in kind. He will also represent our school in the next stage...      MORE

The school competition for the best multimedial presentation
"My Career - How To Be Competitive On The Job Market"
"My career - how to be competitive on the job market"

      The competition took place on 22 October 2008. It was addressed to fourth class students, who are preparing for the Matura Exam.
      Most of them will soon face the necessity of looking for a job...      MORE

Third International IT Competition ’Bobr’ Third International  IT Competition ’Bobr’

      On 22nd October the International IT Competition took place. The supervisor of the competition is Ms. Urszula Klamut. The participants were students from class 2e.
The aim of the competition is to develop algorithmic thinking and popularize using information and communication technologies.
More information on www.bobr.edu.pl
Waiting for results… we are keeping our fingers crosses.

Cross-country Individual Running Cross-country Individual Running

      On 9th October 2008 on the Polonia sports grounds an individual cross-country running was held as part of inter-post-secondary school competition...      MORE

Interschool Athletic Competition Interschool Athletic Competition

      On 30th September 2008 on the Juvenia stadium, interschool athletic competition took place...      MORE
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