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All-Polish Olymiad On European Integration - 13.I.2012

      This competition on European integration also took place in our school gathering 25 students.
      Adrian Włoch from 3a class came first and will represent the school in the further regional level
of the Olympiad. His teacher, Beata Damaszko, will help him to prepare for the competition.

      The aim of the Olympiad is to encourage young people to develop their knowledge of the history and the present time of the European Union as well as to create a feeling of respect towards the historical and cultural heritage of Europe. They are expected to be able to search for information and to use it consciously, especially using modern information technology.

      The competitors should also have an understanding of contemporary social and political processes.

Oryginal text: Beata Damaszko, the teacher.
Translation: Anna Urban, the teacher.
Photos by Beata Damaszko

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