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Partnership with Paderborn

      On 14 May 1993 the President of Przemyśl and the Town Mayor of Paderborn signed a Declaration of Partnership.      

      Ludwig-Erhard-Schule, a school of a similar educational profile to our school, has functioned in Paderborn for many years. It is known for its hundred-year-old tradition as it was established in 1893. Its present patron is Ludwig Erhard, the creator and executor of the "German economic miracle" after the Second World War.

      In June 1994 a delegation from Paderborn, which included the Mayor Wilhelm Lűcke and two teachers from Ludwig-Erhard-Schule: Arnold Gärtner and Martin Benkert, visited Przemyśl.
      It is their initiative and our town councilmen's help that caused the establishment of cooperation between the two schools.

      In May 1996 first delegation from our school composed of:

paid a visit to Ludwig-Erhard-Schule. Their aim was to visit the school and discuss the conditions of cooperation.

      In September 1997 a group of teachers from the partner school came to Przemyśl :

A programme of cooperation and dates of exchange were discussed.

      14-20 March 1998 the first students went to Paderborn. The group counted 20 students and 3 teachers. "Document of Friendship" was signed during the visit. According to this agreement, the main point of the partnership is the exchange of students in order to establish friendship and versatile cooperation between our nations.

      German students returned the visit in June 1999. Next meetings of the students from both schools took place from 12 to 20 November 2000 in Paderborn and from 27 May to 1 June 2000 in Przemyśl.
The exchange of the students takes place every year.

      In 2003 the exchange was extended by the possibility of practical training of our students in Paderborn.

      In July 2003 two students from 4f class Marek Tyczka and Tomasz Żurawski took part in a 4-week practical training in the Town Council of Paderborn.

      The partnership programme gives us the opportunity to improve language skills, learn foreign culture and its customs and to break barriers as well as Polish and German stereotypes.

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