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Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński

Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński, pseudonyms Jan Bugaj, Krzyś - born in 1921, poet. He writes his first poems while being a student in the Stefan Batory High School
in Warsaw, from which he graduates in 1939.
During the occupation he is connected with underground leftist youth groups. Since 1943 he participates in clandestine Polish literature study groups. He joins the Scouts Storming Groups, later transformed into the Home Army 'Zośka' Battalion. He completes the clandestine Reserve 'Agricola' Officer Cadet School.
In July 1944 he is nominated the Second-in-Command of 'Parasol' Battalion's platoon. While the Warsaw Rising breaks out he gets separated from his own unit. He perishes on the fourth day of the Rising in the Blank's Palace. His wife Barbara, whom he married in 1942, also dies in the Rising.
Two of Baczyński's poetry volumes are published in secret. All his works, including about 500 poems and prose excerpts, survive mainly in manuscripts.
In his poems and short novels, Baczyński demonstrated both romantic traditions and catastrophism. His poems depict the brutality of war, and suggest that love
is the only force that can effectively defend a human being against it.

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