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Zespół Szkół Ekonomicznych im.K.K. Baczyńskiego w Przemyślu
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School Patron's Day

      On 22 January 2010 we commemorated Krzysztof Kamil Baczyński, our school's patron, in a celebration at the gym. Students sang songs and recited. We could find out about some facts from his life and hear his poems.
      Baczyński's poetry conveys the feelings of contemporary war generation ( called 'fated generation' )
as well as the universal virtues of love and friendship.

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      The event was organized by Ms Renata Gdak and class 2A. Ms Jadwiga Kuriańczyk and Mr Marek Włoch helped to make decorations.
      We are also grateful to students who took photos by means of a brand new school camera.

Adapted from the text by Renata Gdak: Anna Urban
Photos: Anna Pyrcioch, Mariola Świrk, Marek Włoch

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