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Patron's day - 23.I.2012

"Here you have everything.
I was like a rustle of linden,
Krzysztof was my name,
And my body - it was so little.'

      The above words come from Krzysztof Baczyński's poem dedicated to his parents. This most distinguished poet of the Second World War generation, a heroic soldier of the Underground Poland and a participant of the Warsaw Uprising has been the patron of our school since 1977.

      On 23 January 2012 we celebrated his 91st birth anniversary. At the beginning the Polish national anthem was sung and we could see the school's new banner.

For more pictures see: Photogallery

      We could learn some facts from Baczyński's life and listen to songs related to war-time.
Afterwards there was a poem contest.
16 participants from all the classes took part in it with the following results:

In the artistic competition (in which the students were to draw, paint, or use other techniques) the winners were:

      We would like to thank all the students and teachers who have contributed to this great event.

Original tekst: Dorota Gaweł, the teacher.
Translation: Anna Urban, the teacher.
Photos: Katarzyna Iwachów, the student.

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