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      Christmas is the one of the biggest celebrations in Catholic Church. This is the day when the world rejoices
at the birth of the Saviour - Jesus Christ.

      In Roman Catholic Church CHRISTMAS falls on 25th December while in Greek Catholic Church on 7th January.

      Everybody loves Christmas traditions: decorating Christmas Tree, making Christ-child's crib, singing carols, breaking Christmas-Eve wafer and eating twelve different dishes at the Christmas table.
      For all of us Christmas time is the season of rest. After intensive work we can finally forget about learning
and other duties. At Christmas time we meet God and our family. We have the chance talk to our cousins, uncles and aunts for whom we haven't had time earlier.

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      The Holy Child's birth began a new era in the human history - the one based on the love of another human. Therefore, Christmas is then when there is more goodness, love, forgiveness and respect for other people.

      As every year the students of our school ( this year under the supervision of Ms Anna Potocka ) prepared
a beautiful presentation about Christmas consisting of poems and songs and in that way helped to create
the longed-for atmosphere.

Adapted from the text by Jan Mazurek: Barbara Wojciechowska (class 3 E) and Anna Urban
Photos: Anna Pyrcioch (class 3 E)

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